Hilton Parish Council Election Candidate Statements


ALL candidates have been offered the opportunity to inform the electorate about themselves through a brief statement placed on the website. Please find below information submitted by those candidates who have taken up the offer.



Kenneth Roy ATTWOOD, Crossroads, Potton Rd, Hilton

Hi, my name is Ken Attwood, I am a retired Police officer, I am married to Helen we have lived here for almost 4 years. I am standing in the forthcoming election because I want to see a fair and democratic system in our village. I love living here and fantastic social events that we have and I believe in fairness in all things. So, if I am elected, my promise to you all is, to strive to unite the village and give each and everyone of us the right to a fair hearing and a voice in all decisions.




Andrew Julian BACCHUS

22 Church End, Hilton, PE28 9NJ

Uninvolved with recent parish issues and would seek to contribute a new, fresh and forward-looking perspective in serving the interests of all villagers across the inevitable broad range of what may seem mundane matters. Whilst you may not know me you might well have come across me walking with ‘Pele’ !


altPeter David BALICKI
8 Kidmans Close, Hilton, PE28 9QB

It is important for the Parish Council to attend to its business and for councillors to honour the commitment they make to serve the village in this respect. I was so disappointed to witness the events and personal attacks made in an effort to divide a village that I love living in. I am standing as I believe the best way forward is to work from within and start again. I have been involved with Feast Week since moving to the village, serving on the committee for 10 years including 2 years as Chair, and now hosting the Bingo event on Wednesdays.



Graham Michael BARRADELL,
Rose Cottage, The Green, Hilton, PE28 9NA


altDoreen Joyce BATES

4 Church End, Hilton, PE28 9NJ

On being asked to outline my reason to become a Parish Councillor, I looked back over my 38 yrs here and realised how much I have enjoyed taking part in Village life.

· 1977 helped on Silver Jubilee C’tee then 1st Feast Week.

· 19 years (initially) on Village Hall C’tee. Chairman when PM John Major officially opened extension in 1992. *8 years as Playgroup Assistant in ‘80s

· As President of WI was heavily involved in Royal Wedding/Jubilee events.

· Again serving on V. Hall as WI Rep.

My sincere hope is to continue to play my part on a newly-formed PC, elected by Residents, and I promise to continue to do my best to CARE for the Village as a WHOLE.


altAndy BUSH
6, The Paddocks, Hilton, PE28 9QT

Married for 28 years to Liz with four children (Katharine, Emma, Rachel and Laura), and have lived in Hilton for 26 years.

I have been involved in many village activities, including Winter Gritting, Village Website, Digital Archive with more than 3000 images, deputy village NW coordinator, SpeedWatch, Superfast Broadband Champion, Hilton Action on Traffic, representative on Road Safety and Heavy Commercial Vehicle committee’s and as a Parish Councillor.

I am committed to making the village a safer and community focussed place to live, and complement an open, consultative and democratic Parish Council to truly represent the wishes of the villagers.


altLiz (Elizabeth) Fulton BUSH
6, The Paddocks, Hilton, PE28 9QT

Since moving to Hilton in 1987, I have been actively involved in village life through Hilton Playgroup; the Village Hall Committee; a Trustee of Hilton Town Trust; Chair of Governors at Fenstanton & Hilton Primary School; Governor at Swavesey Village College; working on the Village Plan; leading on village events – Golden Jubilee, Royal Wedding Celebrations, Diamond Jubilee weekend and having fun at Feast Week on floats, on stage and at the Produce Show.

Hilton has been a wonderful place to bring up a family. If elected, I would strive to listen to, and respect, the diverse views and opinions of the whole village community.



Kieron Scott DUNK
Manor Cottage, The Green, Hilton, PE28 9NA



Hilton Hall, High Street, Hilton, PE28 9NE

Hello, I am Ann Goodridge, 3 years in Hilton and over 25 years in Fenstanton. Our Parish Council needs to be refreshed and the difficult issues resolved with different perspectives and ideas, following the recent unfortunate situation and hurt that has resulted.

I have been employed in local government, in the private sector and, as a business psychologist, have worked across most sectors and learned hugely from every level of employee and manager. I am keen to bring that experience to a thriving and representative service for the Parish, operating with trust, soundness of thinking, openness and fair judgement.


altRachel Ann LAWTON

2 The Aisled Barn, The Green, Hilton, PE28 9NA

I am fortunate enough to have lived in Hilton for 16 years, with my husband Steve, children George and Grace, and Lucky the dog.
During this time we have appreciated friendships and a wonderful community spirit that is unique to Hilton.
I’m standing for all of the people who have expressed great sadness regarding the recent divisions in the village. I would like to represent their view that surely a compromise solution is the way forward. I would urge all of those people to vote in the election to ensure their voices are heard.
Give Peace a Chance!


Andrew Michael Reay PARKINSON

The Grange, The Green, Hilton, PE28 9NA



The Prince Of Wales (PH), Potton Rd, Hilton

I am Simon Perry. I have lived in the village since I was six and my family have been serving the community for three generations either in the village shop, behind the post office counter or in the pub. I have also served on the feast week committee.

I think I know (and am known by) most of the people in Hilton. If elected I’d like to get to know the few residents I haven’t met yet.

As the pub landlord I’ve learnt to be a good listener. I’m easily accessible and look forward to hearing from people as to how they would the council to help them.


altJohn TAYLOR,
Oystermouth, Potton Road, Hilton, PE28 9NG

Parish Councillors must manage Parish business by respecting the needs and wishes of parishioners and the available evidence - not just their own feelings. Councillors actions should relate to their impact on the village and the number of households and people affected. Differences of view and complexities should be addressed openly.

Village Experience

* Testified at the public enquiry that brought the Potton-Road nighttime HCV ban

* Village Design Statement Group (1997-1999)

* Parish Councillor (2000-2003) - compiled the report on the 2001 flood

* A14 Action Group - co-opted for flood and traffic analysis

Employment - retired manager in science publishing



William George WILSON
Grange Cottage, The Green, Hilton, PE28 9NA


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