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What HAT does
HAT focuses on issues arising from traffic passing through Hilton and looks at its effects such as noise, damage to property, road safety and pollution.
We are concerned with:
  • Measuring and monitoring vehicle types, volumes and speed and effects of traffic passing through Hilton
  • Pressing and supporting the authorities in detecting and reporting traffic offences such as excessive speed and contravention of weight limits
  • Identifying future trends, taking account of future plans for roads, commercial and housing development
  • Learning from external bodies and from other UK villages who have successfully tackled or are presently facing similar traffic issues
  • Proposing measures that can reduce “through traffic” and its damaging effects
  • Working toward the total exclusion of Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Where appropriate, we communicate with and act as a pressure group on the relevant local and national authorities (County Council, Highways Agency, MP, Police etc).

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