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Hilton Town Charity

Some in the village may not be aware of the Hilton Town Charity which benefits from land and assets endowed generations ago, being most recently confirmed by a Deed dated 1899. The charity’s details are listed in several relevant directories, and a report of the year’s activities is given to the Parish Council.
The vicar and four trustees administer the Charity. They have wide discretion, the only limitation being that grants must be directly of benefit to the village of Hilton and those living therein. Villagers and supporting organisations are able to apply at any time to one of the trustees or to the clerk as listed below.
Rev David Busk Chairman 436400
Mrs Liz Bush Trustee 830202
Mr Nick Sarkies Trustee 830412
Mr Brian Ward Trustee 830083
Mrs Rachel Wood Trustee 830866
Mr Phil Wood Clerk






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