Gritting Routes 2014


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In August this year, parish, town, district and county councillors were invited to comment on the County Council's gritting routes. We received 69 requests for change; 10 from members of the public, 45 from parish councils, 5 from district councillors and 9 from county councillors. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to consult the public and who considered, discussed and commented on the gritting routes.
The overall response from this review has been positive, with a number of comments that indicated parishes were happy with the current gritting routes, or requesting that existing routes are retained in their current form. The most common request was to upgrade an existing secondary route to primary status, with very few requests for new routes to be added. This suggests that although there is local desire to increase the priority of certain roads, there is overall support for the routes which are being gritted.
Each request for change was considered carefully and a site visit was made before the request was assessed against the County's route criteria. As a result, Skipper's Lane in West Wickham was found to meet the necessary criteria for primary status and has been upgraded.


The online gritting route map available at will be updated in due course.
Gritting routes will continue to be reviewed in the future with input from parish, town, district and county councillors as we continue to balance service delivery with the financial resources available.
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Friday Feast

Hello folks, Just a quick reminder that it’s the 3rd Friday of the month so it’s FRIDAY FEAST time!! Hope you can join us this Friday in the parish church from 5.30 – 7pm. Similar format to previous months so there will be wine (feel free to bring a bottle if you’re likely to be thirsty!), soft drinks, crafts, singing and a light supper. This month our marvellous cooks will be serving fish finger butties with fishy biscuits for pudding– hopefully fish-shaped rather than sardine-flavoured! – so you’d be right in guessing we have a sea themed session planned. Hope to see you there