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Hilton Emergency Plan


Hilton Parish Council (PC) has sponsored this Emergency Plan to detail the arrangements and initial actions, agreed in conjunction with the village Neighbourhood Watch (NW) Co-ordinator, to be taken in the event of an emergency situation affecting Hilton.

The PC has nominated an Emergency Team, who will act as a focal point for all communications and who will co-ordinate the initial response to an emergency situation, pending the arrival of the Emergency Services.

In the case of potential or actual flooding, a village Flood Plan will be activated, which ensures that the Emergency Team will receive local early warnings and situation reports from a network of contacts provided by the village NW group, in addition to reports from the specialist agencies. Operations to warn and evacuate vulnerable villagers to safe locations will also be co-ordinated by the team.

This Emergency Plan has been approved by the Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) and the Emergency Services. The PC will review the Plan annually.

Sponsored by: Hilton Parish Council
Maintained by: Clerk to the Parish Council
Version: Second
Dated: January 2009



a. Emergency Officer (EO):
Mrs Doreen Bates
4 Church End
Tel: 01480 830250

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

b. Deputy Emergency Officer (DEO):
Mr Ken Harris (Village NW Co-ordinator)
1 Kidmans Close
Tel: 01480 831658

c. Support Officer:


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1. To act as point of contact between PC and outside agencies. In particular, to liaise with the St Ives Sector Supervisor via the police 'Silver' Control.

2. To hold Emergency Box and Master Emergency Plan.

3. To advise all Parish Councillors when an emergency situation arises.

4. To liaise with Neighbourhood Watch (NW) Co-ordinator to instigate joint operations for :

- conducting door-to-door warnings.
- evacuation of vulnerable villagers to safe areas.
- furniture movement requests.

5. To hold keys for designated relief buildings, eg Village Hall and Methodist Hall.

6. To pass Emergency Box (See Annex A for contents list) to DEO, if expected to be absent from the village for a period of more than one week. EO to inform DEO of keyholders to his house, for all other occasions.

7. In the event of flood or rising water, to alert the NW network (See Annex B) and all Parish Councillors in order to monitor flood hotspots on an hourly basis.

(See guidance on Potential Flooding Indicators, Section 3.5)

8. When appropriate, to activate, with the DEO, the Relief Building (currently the Methodist Hall)




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