Emergency Information Alerts


I thought that, considering the wide range of extreme weather conditions we are now getting, it would be worth reminding people of the various ways that we can be sent emergency and warning alerts.


Floodline Warnings DirectEnvironment Agency 

(Will send targeted alerts via Text, email and voicemessage if danger of flooding in your area)


Huntingdonshire Emergency Warning System - HEWS

HEWS is a warning system which has been developed by Huntingdonshire District Council Emergency Planning Team to advise members of any possible difficulties created by a major incident in the District.



By registering with eCops, you will receive news and appeals, local crime information and crime prevention advice - direct to you as an e-mail and also gives you the option to select other types on community information and alerts


Neighbourhood Watch

Get to know your local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator who will be a key individual if we have any emergency situations in the village. if you don't know who that is please take a look at the following link,index.php/village-information-mainmenu-144/neighbourhoodwatch-mainmenu-156


Also please take the opportunity of signing up to a NHW scheme in your area at


and finally it may be worth your while familiarising yourself with the village Emergency Plan


Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 March 2021 21:11