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Changes to Digital (Freeview) TV


Update: On Wednesday 13th April 2011, at 2.00am, the remaining analogue transmitters for ITV, Ch4 & Ch5 were switched off and digital multiplexes for all the other digital services (non-BBC) were relocated to these transmitters, allowing a considerable increase in signal strength. All digital receivers and set-top boxes must now be retuned in order to receive these services.

Note that due to changes in digital signal mode some early set-top boxes (click for list) made between 1998 & 2004 will no longer work and will need to be replaced.

On Wednesday 30th March 2011, at 2.00am, the old analogue signal for BBC2 on Channel 27 (Sandy Heath transmitter) was turned off.

The digital multiplex carrying all the BBC digital channels for the Cambs & Beds area was then switched on to this transmitter (522.0MHz) so providing a much stronger signal than that available previously.

This is why everything from BBC digital was unavailable at first until digital sets had been retuned. All the TV and Radio channels affected are listed below.

Note that digital TV recorders such as the Humax PVR will also need to be retuned and the recording schedules re-set. All 'series-linked' recordings will be missed if not reset.

If you had a Freeview service, but with poor reception, this should have improved with the more powerful signal.

If your analogue TV reception was poor, you may need to replace your aerial to get Freeview. If your analogue reception was good, you will not need a new aerial for digital. There is no such thing as a 'digital aerial'.


List of BBC digital channels that required to be retuned:

TV: Ch1 BBC One (Cambridge), Ch2 BBC Two (England), Ch7 BBC Three, Ch9 BBC Four, Ch70 CBBC, Ch71 CBeebies, Ch80 BBC News, Ch81 BBC Parliament.

Radio: Ch700 BBC Radio 1, Ch701 BBC 1Xtra, Ch702 BBC Radio 2, Ch703 BBC Radio 3, Ch704 BBC Radio 4, Ch705 BBC Radio 5 Live, Ch706 BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra, Ch707 BBC 6 Music, Ch708 BBC Radio 7, Ch709 BBC Asian Network, Ch710 BBC World Service.

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