The Royal British Legion in Hilton


2014 continues to be a momentous year as we commemorate 100 years since the start of the Great War.When the names of the Fallen from Hilton were read at the Lychgate on Remembrance Sunday we were recalling ordinary men from ordinary lives whilst also not forgetting those who had returned.


Winston Churchill later wrote about such men as these :


"Thus when all the trumpets sounded,every class and rank had something to give to the need of the State. Some gave their science and some their wealth,some gave their business energy and drive, and some their wonderful personal prowess.      But none gave more,or gave more readily , than the common man or woman who had nothing but a precarious week's wages between them and poverty ,and owned little more than the slender equipment of a cottage and the garments in which they stood upright.Their love and pride of country,their loyalty to the symbols with which they were familiar,their keen sense of right and wrong as they saw it,led them to outface and endure perils the like of which men had not known on earth."


We in Hilton have proudly acknowledged the Anniversary both publically and privately. Among others  mentioned in previous Spectrums , Margaret Andrew has at last ,movingly, been to the grave of her grandfather Thomas Haswell in Etaples. She also took a wooden cross to France on behalf of Hilton.

Regarding the Poppy Appeal, Hilton you have been incredibly generous.The  present amount that you donated to our fantastic collectors and other sources stands at £1,100 with the final total to be announced in the December edition. This is a humbling amount which even included donations by two little girls who insisted on using their pocket money.


To say ' thank you ' to everyone on behalf of the Legion is so inadequate but very,very sincere. 

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