Hilton WI

Meet in the Village Hall
Second Monday of each month at 7.30p.m


Hilton WI Programme 2015


Date                                                             Speaker                                                                                                                         

12th January                                               Nicki Sly                                             



9th February                                              Neil Callan                                         

                                                     Development of Silver Spoons               


9th March                                                Tracy Mackness                                              

                                          The Giggly Pig Company & my Life Story


13th April                                           Mary Blackhurst-Hill                                                 

                                                   Building a Capsule Wardrobe


11th May                                          Resolutions Meeting

                                                              Sophia Mahroo

                                                              Care Network 


 8th June                                                 Noreen Plows                                                    

                                        Hand tied Bouquet with Flowers and Herbs


13th July                                              Amanda Sutherland                                                                   

                                                   Using Cans to make Jewellery


Aug                                                      Summer Lunch


14th Sept                                               Michael Lewis                                               

                                                         Royal British Legion                                                                                                                                                  

12th October                                                 AGM                         


9th Nov                                                     Dave Ottley                                                

                                       My Experiences Working with John Major PM        


14th Dec                                                 Christmas Party




Saturday 7th February

Sian Fox

  Cookery Demonstration          

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