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Louis Frank King

19th April 1924 - 16th January 2008


It is with sadness that we mark the passing at the age of 84 of Mr Louis King, who died peacefully in his front room on Wednesday 16th January 2008.

Born in the adjoining property (Rose Cottage) he grew up steeped in the Christian traditions of King and Country that had scarce changed in a hundred years.

His family knew hard times, yet lived proudly as owner-occupier of Rose Cottage. His father was church sexton, a parish councillor and an active Common Rights Owner. His mother was for many years church organist.

Louis King, as did his close friend George Britten, often recalled the experience when, as a lad, he would spend days leading the plough horses. On a good day an acre could be completed between 7am and 2pm. After lunch he would then bed down the horses before, finally, returning home. An acre of ploughing involved 11 miles walking on rough ground.

In due course, Louis sat his evening classes and qualified as an apprenticed electrician, a profession he proudly followed all his life. His abilities, not only as an electrician, but also as a multi-skilled craftsman were always freely on offer to meet the calls of church and chapel, village hall and Feast Week, and local farmers in a fix.

Louis had a deep understanding of nature, with the eye of a countryman, who knew the passing seasons just as well as did the resident wild life, or transient visitor!

He and Dorothy always had an open door for callers and both seemed to have all the time in the world for their many friends.

Louis was passionate about the common, and fought hard to see that the annual mowing was completed after the flowers had set, so that they continued to be a joy, year after year, to all who saw them. It would be a fitting legacy to him to see that its beauty could be maintained.

Louis had, only shortly before his death, completed an account of Hilton village (and residents) as it was in the 1930s. Much can be learnt from this about his early life. A copy of this account can be found here (or by using the right-hand menu opposite) together with a list of nicknames of the people he knew in the village at the time. More recently many in Hilton have formed close attachments with him, and his dear wife and their family. Let us all pay homage to Louis King and his beloved wife Dorothy.

Kind words provided by Lou's good friend and neighbour Ralph Slater

The funeral took place at Hilton Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene on Wednesday 30th January at 11:00AM.

Please click here to see a copy of the Euology that was given at the funeral and here to see Lou's account of a "Walk through Hilton in the 1930s"



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