Hilton Parish Council Meeting Video's now available


You may be aware that recently there was a change in the legislation that gives the public the right to record Council meetings and make them available to the general public (the District and County Councils have already been doing this for some time).


I know it is often difficult to attend Parish Council Meetings in person, due to a wide variety of reasons, including work and personal commitments, holidays, sickness etch (indeed I was on holiday last week, and found being able to view the video most useful on my return).


As the minutes for Parish Council meetings are not available to the public until at least 6 weeks after the meeting is held, are usually quite short and don’t give much detail of the discussions that took place; the opportunity has been taken to video each meeting (where practical) and make this available as soon after the meeting as possible. It is intended to position the camera in such a wy as to not include members of the public. These will be unedited and available in their entirety. Please find below a link to the location where the videos will be posted now and in the future, so please bookmark it and if you are a Google account holder, you can subscribe to this channel to be notified when new recordings are added.


I hope this will be of benefit to all.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 September 2014 13:06