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Hilton Village Archive

Over the past tenyears we have been building an archive of images lent to us by various Villagers and ex Villagers.

Our orginal plan was to save these unique documents and photographs as high resolution images, as we already were aware of important pictures being destroyed and becoming "lost".

As the collection grew, it was also obvious that many people, both local and remote, were interested in seeing these, so with the permission of the owners, we have put together a selection of approx 3500 images, of a wide variety of subjects and ages for you to see.

We hope that you enjoy them, and we are very keen to add to the archive, so if you also have pictures, documents, etc. that have any relevance to Hilton, please let us know.

Also you will see that we have attempted to identify as many people in the pictures as possible, but know that we have missed many and also got some wrong, so please let us know, if you know better ;-)

Hilton Village Archive Images

Andy Bush and Peter Frazier
Editors, Hilton Village Web Site and Archive

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