Sparrow memorial missing Ball!! Print


Sparrow memorial missing Ball!!


From Valerie Pinto - 14th July 2009


While looking at the pictures and seeing the memorial in the centre of the maze, I was reminded of a story about this.


My uncle, Vic Oakett, took an interest in the village. He used to keep the maze trimmed and was active in meetings at one point, as a resident with common rights, particularly when the enclosure laws were being investigated.


Once at a meeting someone asked what had happened to the ball which used to be on the top of the memorial in the maze, but was at the time absent. Vic was very amused, and owned up to a boyhood prank many years before in which he and some others had moved the ball and put it on someone's gate-post. It was eventually restored.


Perhaps there is hope for many other young mischief-makers!! (Vandals?! :-))

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