Local Highways Improvement (LHI) Grant Success March 2019


We have just been informed that our recent application for a Local Highways Improvement grant has been successful (indeed our application was scored 8th highest out of 39 applications) for the purchase and operation of a MSID (Movable Speed Indicator Device) and a vehicle counter (which will record the speed, size and direction of vehicles passing).


Not only have these been demonstrated to cause a direct reduction in vehicle speeds, the data collected is also essential in demonstrating ongoing speeding and infringement issues for future applications for addition potential mitigation, such as 24hour HGV restrictions and other road calming.


These devices are portable which means we can move them around the village to different locations such as Potton Road, High Street, The Green, Church End and Graveley Way. We would like your suggestions please of the best locations to place them, where you feel the worst problems are?


Over the years we have been collecting a lot of data from borrowed devices, SpeedWatch, LorryWatch and RoadWatch session. This information can be found on the village website HERE


If you have any feedback or other ideas of what we can do to make our village safer please send me an email (detals below)


Best regards


Andy Bush

Vice Chair HAT and Editor of Hilton Community Website and Digital Archive

01480 830202

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Last Updated on Monday, 25 March 2019 18:00