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Local Amenities

This section contains information which should be useful to all Villagers, new and longstanding. Let us know if we have anything wrong or missing.

In the case of local entertainment (pubs, restaurants etc) do let us know what you can recommend, and we will pass your comments on (if appropriate).

We will always try and be impartial, and if that means going to verify your recommendations, so be it :-)

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 May 2006 21:18

Friday Feast

Hello folks, Just a quick reminder that it’s the 3rd Friday of the month so it’s FRIDAY FEAST time!! Hope you can join us this Friday in the parish church from 5.30 – 7pm. Similar format to previous months so there will be wine (feel free to bring a bottle if you’re likely to be thirsty!), soft drinks, crafts, singing and a light supper. This month our marvellous cooks will be serving fish finger butties with fishy biscuits for pudding– hopefully fish-shaped rather than sardine-flavoured! – so you’d be right in guessing we have a sea themed session planned. Hope to see you there