The “Knitted Bible” is coming to Hilton.





Did you read about it in Spectrum?

Did you follow a fish trail?

Which character was your personal favourite?


“Amazing!” “Wonderful!” and “It’s much better than I thought it would be!” Those were the typical reactions of the many visitors – more than 250 of them – who came to see the Knitted Bible display in Hilton Methodist Church.. Whether they had read about the Knitted Bible in Spectrum, seen the posters or heard about the 34 scenes from the Bible from someone else, the stream of people who arrived to marvel at the Knitted Bible at Hilton were all filled with expectation. Everyone was touched to see grandparents, parents, carers and friends taking the time to tell the stories to their grandchildren. What a joy that cyclists and walkers who were out and about for the afternoon, dropped in to see for themselves what others were talking about! In the Sunday School ( the church hall next door) all were invited to a celebration cake and a tea, coffee or squash. What super large cakes there were on offer. Some people also took the opportunity to purchase their Christmas fair trade goods. A big thank you to all who supported the event. Please do look out for our future displays and events.


We raised from donations in the church £455.42 for Christian Aid

Refreshments from this weekend and our monthly coffee mornings raised £240 for EACH


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