HILTON FEAST WEEK September Update


Hilton Feast week this year was a fantastic week of events and entertainment for all ages in the village. We try each year to improve on the previous year by trying new events and the feedback this year has been wonderful, so it is great to know it was a success. We fundraise all year to be able to put on a whole week of entertainment free of charge for everyone to enjoy, so your support for these fundraising events such as the quizzes and Burns night etc is essential. Otherwise we cannot continue to make Feast week such a full week of entertainment, for the village and local community to enjoy.


Well that's it - all packed up and over for another year! A massive thank you to the following people without whom Feast Week 2014 wouldn't have happened, as we rely on so many people to help!


Special thanks to;


 To Eric Wilkinson and his stage crew for building the stage,and all the bar and BBQ helpers who helped out daily, and to the kids bar helpers too.


 To Terry Wager for sorting all the electrics, and lights!


 To Cheska, the Produce Show committee and the judges for a wonderful show on the Sunday. Please let Cheska know if you can help out on the committee next year.


To David Busk, Katie Dunn, Rachel Woods, and everyone involved in the songs of praise service, especially Ali Dunk and her junior choir who sang wonderfully.


 To Helen, Lisa and the Art Show committee, for a great display of art and craft exhibits beautifully arranged in the village hall.


 To Justo Perez, Adrian Snooke and Teresa Williamson for Entertainment Night. Justo did a fantastic job with compering the show, with several changes to his matching T-shirts and trainers! Also thank-you to all the entertainers who fearlessly performed on the stage, which made it a wonderful evening.  Also thank you to Adrian for organising the licences for all our events too.


 To Bernie Ashby for organising the classic car parade on the Sunday, and to all the dedicated drivers who prepared their classic cars for the show!  


 To Sara Sampson and the Village Tea preparation team for a wonderful tea and cake after Sports day in the marquee sheltering from the showers!


 To Darren Holmes for allowing us to use his various outbuildings as storage, and ensuring the road closure signs were out along with Allan Salem, who works tirelessly to get the permission to close the road ensuring its safe for the children and wobbly adults too! Also thanks to Allan for arranging the cricket matches during the week, which was well attended by crowds in the grandstand.


To Dean Minter and his crew for the lighting and disco, with his huge mirror ball!


 To George Lawton for the sound and light show!


 To Peter Sampson, Nina Sage and the Sports Day committee, for organising the sports day until the rain stopped play! 


 To Lisa and Mark Boros for the use of Beeches Maze, with the wonderful Woodland fairy  making special wishes come true for many little children.


 To Jo Turner, and Rachel Lawton and their children for organising the Guys and Gals.


 To Peter Balicki,and his glamourous assistant Sara Sampson for compering the Irish Bingo.


 To Eileen, Ken and the dog walkers of Hilton for litter picking. Special thanks to the lads who camped out then helped littler pick in the early morning too!


 To all those who have sold tickets or delivered leaflets and programmes.


 To all the volunteers too numerous to mention who helped on the bar, BBQ, kids bar or in any other capacity! All the above mentioned have spent many hours selflessly giving their time to ensure that this year's Feast Week was the best ever. We can't thank you enough.


Lastly, I’d like to say thank-you to all of the Feast Week committee who have worked hard, to pull all this together for our community. We as a village are so lucky to have such a great events for everyone to enjoy.

Please come along to our AGM in the P.O.W. Pub on 9 th September 2014 at 8 pm, and contact me if you would like to join the committee.


CHAIRMAN – SHARON WALKER   - 831299 / 07984232424. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

VICE CHAIR – GILL  GILL  -07793248287   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






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