April update 2016


The Feast Week Committee read with interest the feedback from a local resident in last month's Spectrum. From our reading of the letter there appeared to be three core issues:

 Loss of the Spirit of Feast Week, the "Big Bands" and Feedback.

 We would like to take this opportunity to address these points.

 Spirit of Feast Week.

Feast Week is not just about the week of events in July, it is a mechanism in the village which aims to bring together the residents into a community and supporting that community to develop. 

Feast Week is not just about the bands on the Thursday and Saturday nights, the "spirit" goes on throughout the year,with the support of the other excellent organisations within our village, for example: from providing the refreshments at the fireworks hosted by our Parish Council; supporting the upkeep of our lovely village hall through regular use; the entertainment for all children through Easter Egg hunts and Christmas activities. Also we aim to bring together all faiths at the service held in the Marquee each year on the first Sunday of Feast week. During that day we provide free fairground rides and bouncy castles, as well as entry to the animal farm and children’s craft activities during Feast week all of which are provided free of charge.

The list can go on, however that is the "Spirit of Feast Week" and the events which have evolved, then contribute to make Hilton such a special place to live and for our children to grow up in.


Big Bands ie; funding

For the above to continue there are two core elements needed:

-    Support - to organise and attend;   

-   Financial support.  

The first element is self explanatory, but in our experience, having a tribute band which started in the Millennium with Abba, has brought in more profits than a local band, which then more than covers the band costs. So we would like to expand a little on the second (apologies to those who attend our AGM, you can skip this bit).  

The money element is somewhat important as it is the Feast Week Committee members who are personally responsible for any losses incurred. In recent years, steps have been taken to minimise personal liability, however it is still a risk, therefore we continue to keep a firm eye on money in and money out.

To host all the events it costs money and like everything in life the costs continue to increase. Many of the costs are obvious for example: the Marquee, the tables, the chairs, the electricity, the entertainment.  There are however a number of other costs which are not so apparent for example: Insurance, arts and craft material, rosettes, compliance with Health and Safety, rubbish removal - again the list can go on. That said, significant effort is spent every year in negotiating better deals to control these costs.

There are two ways that we pay for the bills, the fund-raising throughout the year and during Feast Week itself. The core amount of money is raised during the latter part of the week in July. Therefore it really is a "no brainer" we need to make the money to pay the bills in a relatively short window. The most cost effective way of doing this, is supplying quality entertainment that people want to attend and generally they will buy a drink and perhaps a burger too. We do accept that there are some, who may not live in the village, or who do not support Feast Week in anyway, but turn up for the bands or the other "free events". We cannot charge for entry, as this goes against all that Feast week is about, therefore we have donation boxes. This is the minority however- as only last year we had a very generous donation of £100 cheque from a Fenstanton resident who said her children absolutely love coming to Feast week. In fact many of our fundraising events are attended by familiar faces from other villages, which is great and supports Hilton Feast week. So we are very grateful to the many people both inside and outside our village who do support and/or help at the various events, it is very much appreciated.


The Feast Week committee have and will always continue to seek feedback from all interested parties. Some recent examples: surveys delivered to each house (only 6 were returned), the committee members who talk to villagers about events, and we host our annual AGM (there are always spare seats, so the more the merrier!). This would be an ideal opportunity for any villagers to come forward with ideas or offers of help for the coming year.

 However feedback is a two way thing, so we would suggest perhaps the more "old fashioned way" of communication works well too, so please talk to us, there are contact details listed each month in Spectrum, we will be very happy to hear from you.  

We cannot guarantee we will always be able to take forward your ideas, however please be assured they will be considered very carefully and we would welcome a discussion with you.


Sharon and Graeme.


We would like to thank everyone who came to our very well attended quiz on 5 th March, it was a great evening, with Alison Dunk’s table winning boxes of chocolates and the trophy (once it has been found!) Special thanks to Brian Radbone for excellent delivery of the questions and to Craig for planning them! Also thanks to the committee for all their hard work with the food and organization.

Please see our plan of future events as below;

23rd April 2016 - Murder Mystery night with supper at 7.30pm.

4 th June  2016 - Race night  with Ronnie Booth -7.30 pm.

22nd July  2016 –Hilton Summer Ball – Black tie. 7.00pm.

24 th July  2016 – Feast week starts with Produce show and parade of floats day.

Many thanks for your help and support.

See the website at for all the latest events.


CHAIRMAN – SHARON WALKER   - 831299 / 07984232424. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it