In Loving Memory
14th October 1926 - 5th June 2016
Sybil Mary Bush
This page has been set up to celebrate the life of Sybil Mary Bush and share information from her recent funeral, which took place on 12th July 2016 at St Marys Church, Horncastle.


Music used during the service and committal
In Church before service begins


Albinoni – Adagio  in G (link here)


Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings (link here)


John Williams – Theme from Schindler’s List (link here)


As the cortege arrived outside the church and getting ready to enter church - Elgar – Nimrod (link here) 


Entrance of the coffin and family - Be Still in the Presence of the Lord (link here) 


John Barry’s theme from Out of Africa as the coffin and family leave the church. (link here)


Crematorium entrance of coffin - Voca Me by Libera (link here)


The Classic (piano) (link here)


You were there - Libera (link here)




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