Fundraising Update May 2010 Print
Fundraising Update for Hilton Church Roof Appeal
May 2010

Good news ... the quotations for the restoration of the south aisle roof have come in quite a bit lower than we had originally anticipated and we are now expecting to pay a total of £105,800 for the work to be completed.  English Heritage have reduced their grant, in line with the reduced costs, down to £58,000 but our contribution is also a lot lower which means that we only have to find £47,800 instead of the £58,000 that we originally thought.  To date we have raised just over £24,000 and we can reclaim the VAT on the total cost of the work (estimated £14,000) which leaves us with just under £10,000 still to raise.  Hurrah!  The work is planned to start in the middle of May and we can make use of interest-free loans whilst we continue to fundraise.

We have had a terrific response to our efforts so far with lots of people taking part in our church-organised activities (envelope collection, fetes, roving supper, wine tasting, pudding party etc) as well as running their own events to help boost the appeal.  Thanks to everyone who has helped so far with particular thanks to Jane & Richard Garnett, Vine McGill, Monarch Farm, the Fleming family and Fieldsview Kennels & Cattery for their individual fundraising efforts.

Our next big fundraising activity will be a second - and final - door-to-door envelope collection in June.  Lots of people gave generously with our first collection so we won't be offended if you do not want to contribute again ... but anything you can spare will take us closer to our final target.

For more information, please contact Rachel Wood on 830866.