Feast Week AGM and Plans


Our AGM was held early September and it was good to see a number of new faces at the meeting. The committee was encouraged by the support given by the villagers attending and also to have an opportunity to share how Feast Week went and the work required to stage the event for our village. Whilst no new Committee members came forward, a number of pledges of support were offered at the AGM. The committee understand that there may be a number of people are willing to help, but are unsure of the commitment they would have to give. Rest assured there are jobs for everyone ranging from an hour or so to any time they can give. So if there is anything you want to know about Feast Week or able to help, please do not hesitate to contact a Committee member for further information. After all, many hands do actually make life easier ! We thanked Emma Payne and Emma Stubbs for all their help on the committee, as they will be standing down this year, and some roles have changed within the committee too, and for some 2016 will be their last year including myself.

A summary of the finances were presented to the meeting: 

Profit for the year was £751.95 (previous year £929.33). Profit was down primarily due to lower attendance at the various fund raisers throughout the years and the bad weather on the Produce Show / Floats  day. 

However on a more positive note the overall Feast Week continues to remain financially healthy with:


Stock valued at                                £129.15

Cash at Bank (Account)                £5,053.75


Balance                                          £5,182.90


During the AGM it was explained that each year Feast Week should be financially self sufficient, however it must be accepted that on occasion (eg: bad weather) financial loss could occur. If a loss does occur the Committee members are personally liable for that loss, although this has never happened yet! The committee needs to meet that years financial obligations with the costs of Feast Week itself averaging approximately £26,000, so it is vital you support our fund raising events over the year.


Since the AGM two further questions have been asked: 

 Why do we continue to use the same suppliers ? and

 Do the Committee members get a "float" of money from which they can use for Feast Week ?


In relation to the suppliers, we have three core principles when it comes to choosing and using a supplier: Value for money, quality of service/product and the flexibility of supplier. We continue to consider different suppliers and have in recent years made changes, however there a a few that we continue to use because they continue to meet the above principles where others could not at the time of being approached.


In relation the "float of money" the answer is no. All expenditure incurred by Committee members has to be agreed by the Committee and then claimed back by the Committee member who made the purchase (supported by receipts on a claim form). A number of other controls are also in place to safeguard the Village's money for example two signatories needed to operate the bank account. As a village we are very lucky that a number of suppliers, friends, families (and the Committee members) work hard to keep our costs down. Examples of these are: the TV we purchased for this years raffle. The parents of one of our Committee members got discount on the TV via their employer  and also donated a DVD player, a donation of a bike from another  villager and a number of cash donations from villagers and non villagers alike.


If you would like to help out as a FEAST WEEK HELPER, please contact myself or any of the committee to offer help with setting up events, or during Feast week itself, for an event or an evening. We will be re-contacting last year’s helpers again to ask if you are happy to continue and what you feel you maybe happy to do. A massive thank you to the people without whom Feast Week 2015 wouldn't have happened, as we rely on so many people to help!

We will be supporting the Hilton Parish Council with the fireworks display on the 31st October 2015 (tbc) in the Wilderness , off the Green from 6 pm onwards, with the display at 7 pm, by providing hot food and drinks, so please come along to support this excellent village event.

Lastly, I’d like to say thank-you to all of the Feast Week committee who have worked hard, to pull all this together for our community. We as a village are so lucky to have such a great events for everyone to enjoy.


See the website at  www.hilton-village.comfor all the latest events.


CHAIRMAN – SHARON WALKER   - 831299 / 07984232424. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it