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John Starling 1827 - 1915

John Starling was born about 1827 and is the eldest child that I have traced from the marriage of James Starling and Sarah Saunders.

In 1841 on census night, John and his brother, Richard are shown as being in the household of their grandparents, John and Charlotte Starling who were living on The Green, near Church End. Whilst there is no occupation shown for John, it is assumed that he would have been employed as a Labourer as at this time he was 14 years of age, and thus too old for school.

Seven years later on 22nd December, 1848, John marries Rebecca Beck in St Mary Magdalene, Hilton. His wife's father's name is shown as John Beck.

In 1851, he and Rebecca are in the village, but no children are shown on the census at this time. John is 23 and Rebecca is 20 years of age.

In May of 1852, a daughter called Jane Ann is born to the couple, however there is burial record for St Mary Magdalene that shows a Jane Ann Starling was interred there in July 1853.

In 1855, a son called Frederick is born and on the census night of 1861, three years after the death of his mother, Rebecca, he is shown as being with his grandparents, James and Sarah Starling at Vicarage Corner in the village. With him is his father, John and uncle, Peter.

This arrangement obviously worked for John and his son, Frederick, as 10 years later on the 1871 census, they are still in Vicarage Corner with Sarah Starling. Both are shown as being Agricultural Labourers.

At some point between 1871 and 1881 the surname of the family changes to Starnell, and it is under this name that Sarah and her sons, John and Peter, plus grandson, Frederick are found. They are living in Wraggs Row with occupations shown again as Agricultural Labourers. John Starling is noted on the schedule as being Deaf.

Come 1891 and John and Frederick are living as a family on Wraggs Row. Sarah Starling had died in 1883, but she lived long enough to see her Grandson, Frederick marry Ann Beck (born in Woodhurst) in 1881. Frederick and Ann had a daughter, Ada, born about 1883 in Hemingford Abbots.

The 1901 census shows this family unit to be still living together at Wraggs Row.

John Starling was remembered by my Grand-Auntie Doll, who recalled (at the remarkable age of 102 back in 2005) that he was a hunchbacked man who lived in the last of the cottages on Wraggs Row. John died in 1915.
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