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James Starling 1805-1875

James Starling is my Great-Great-Great Grandfather.

The eldest of the Starling family he was apparently living in St Ives in 1826, as the Pallots Marriage Index notes that he was "late of Hilton, now residing St Ives" when he married Sarah Saunders from Wyton at All Saints and St John.

Four children have been traced from this marriage, John born about 1827, Richard James born about 1832, Peter born about 1840, and Mary born about 1844.

On 6th July 1838 - in what looks to be the first of the family's few brushes with the law - both James and his brother, John, are shown in the Criminal Registers as being charged with Larceny. James was found Guilty and served 1 month in prison, whilst John was found to be Not Guilty and freed. (John obviously made up for this by being incarcerated twice over the coming years, his last term being the three years of hard labour in Dartmoor).

However, on the 1841 census, James Starling is to be found in Huntingdon County Gaol in Stukeley Magna. Whether this was a continuation of the previous crime and his sentence was increased or whether this was a new offence which I have yet to find within the registers, I have no idea. His occupation is shown as Labourer.

His wife, Sarah, was living in Hilton at this time: -

1841 census (Three households away from in-laws John and Charlotte Starling, where James and Sarah's elder sons, John and Richard, were staying)

Sarah Starling 35
Peter Starling 1

By 1851, James is back in the village and apparently living life on the straight and narrow. He's shown as a Labourer, and still has two of his children with him and his wife, Peter aged 11 and Mary aged 7.
In 1861, the family are in Vicarage Buildings where James give his occupation the rather grand title of "Vermin Destroyer". The family on the census night consisted of James and Sarah, sons John and Peter, and a grandson Frederick Starling born in 1856.

The 1871 census finds James in separate accommodation to that of his wife. Sarah is living in Vicarage Corner (which I assume is the same place as the previously mentioned Vicarage Buildings), and with her are the same relatives as ten years ago - her sons, John and Peter and grandson, Frederick. She is a Needlewoman by occupation.

James is living on The Green and has his brother, John with him and a boarder by the name of Richard Wright. I don't know whether this was an official split in the marriage or simply the temporary living arrangements of the family. James died in August of 1875 and Sarah Starling is next seen on the 1881 census at Wraggs Row. She died in January 1883.
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