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Charles Starling 1819 - 1866

After the birth of Walter Starling, a baby called Richard was born in 1814. Sadly he passed away in the same year.
Charles Starling was born about 1819 and like his brother, Walter, he also never married. In 1841, Charles is living in London at North Bruton Street Mews, Hanover Square in accommodation that appears to be shared with other fellow Servants, although there is no indication which household he is employed by.
On 22nd October, 1847, he too makes an appearance in the England & Wales, Criminal Registers, having been found guilty of Larceny By Servant and received 1 months sentencing. The court sessions were held in Huntingdon so it was unlikely to have been a crime committed whilst working in London. The charge of Larceny by Servant was a law introduced to reflect that this is different to simple Larceny, by virtue of the fact that the Servant would have been in a position of trust, and therefore the theft was considered to be more severe. Charles's crime couldn't have been too bad though, as the sentence of imprisonment wasn't accompanied by the additional punishment of Whipping, which was more usual.
On the 1851 and 1861 census schedules he is living and working as a Labourer in Hilton, dying in February 1866.
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