Written by Hilton's very own Stephen Bridge, former CEO of Papworth Hospital
"Papworth Hospital, a small pioneering hospital, loved by patients and with a dedicated staff faced a very uncertain futurein the 1980s. Threatened with closure and its leading edge clinical services being broken upand transferred to hospitals in Cambridge, Norwich, and even Huntingdon, this book tells hows Papworth's fortunes were transformed.
With the development of new clinical services, Papworth increased the number of patients it treated from 7000 a year in 1988, to 107000 in 2016. The consequential increase in the hospital's annual income , from £9 million  to £147million, enabled it to pay for a new hospital located adjacent to another renowned hospital, Addenbrooke's, forging an even closer relationship with the world famous University of Cambridge. But, it was not plain sailing, often resembling a game of snakes and ladders, with fortunes fluctuating , depending on the whim of the NHS establishment.
In the end  common sense prevailed, and a new Papworth Hospital emerged."