100 Cribs and Nativity Scenes


Hilton Methodist Church

November 2018

Photos can be viewed HERE

A Leamington couple who have collected more than 100 nativity sets from around the world brought their collection to Hilton Methodist Church this weekend. Marjorie and John Carrier, have collected nativity sets since 2010, and have taken them around the country to various churches. Among their collection are a Peruvian nativity set with llamas instead of sheep, a Russian set where the figures are Russian dolls, and a tiny set from Rattenberg in Austria. John said: "It's a very interesting collection because of the variety of materials and the many countries where the sets originate way. We've got 112 sets at the last count, and they're from all over the world." Last year, they went to churches in Coventry, Leicester and Wellesbourne and this year to Kenilworth, and Hilton. The couple love seeing people's reactions to the collection. John said: "A little boy came in to see a display one time, and he said 'this is the third time I've been to see it', which was wonderful." Marjorie and John are delighted to share their collection with other people and each exhibit tells the same story of Jesus being born in a stable in Bethlehem.
Although most of the exhibits are 'view only' there was a children’s table where youngsters were able to have hands on experience and play with Nativity Fuzzy Felts. 
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