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The Adventures of Dr Dolittle

Open Air Theatre and Picnic on the Green
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Saturday June 30th 2018

Thanks for the Memories …….. What an afternoon on Hilton Village Green.  It was a scorcher.  We had it all (well, almost) – for once the sun shone, there was a quintessentially English Village Green setting, there were local strawberries and local farm ice-cream, there was a Beach Bar with inspired non-alcoholic cocktails but all the trimmings of cherries and pineapple and paper umbrellas – even flamingos, there was tea/coffee and low calorie CAKE(!) – if you were there, you will appreciate the pun – and finally there was Illyria, or should I say Dr Dolittle and all those amazing animals.  
The one thing we eventually didn’t have was our Hurricane flypast – and for that I am truly sorry – but these planes are very precious and at approximately mid-day the plane was grounded, the engineers worked so hard and managed to fix things, got it airworthy, it took off was on its way and very near to us but then the plane had a major fault and the pilot had to make an emergency divert to a safe base.  Most importantly the pilot and plane landed safely.  
Illyria were truly fantastic and we were treated to an afternoon of entertainment that could be enjoyed by all – the children sat transfixed at the front of the auditorium and I am sure many of them went on journeys with the animals across the world.  How many people wanted to take Gip the dog home with them?
I really hope you all had fun and thank you for coming down to the Green to take part in and support this event.
I must say thank you to so many people – these events do not just happen and take many months of planning and hard work – I hope I don’t miss anyone out (if I do, it’s not intentional – just old brain) and there’s no particular order – Graham Barradell, Mike Richards, Allan Salem, Ian Bates, Hannah and Kirk Hinton, Feast Week team, the wonderful WI ladies, Monach Farm, Peter Sampson, Gary Fordham, Chris Potter, Ken Attwood, Andy Bush, St Johns Ambulance and last but absolutely not least the amazing Hilton Village Hall Committee team – without whom this event would never have happened.
I hope you all have a wonderful summer and I leave you with a few memories …… enjoy ……. CAKE …..
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