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Hilton has put up with noisy, dangerous and damaging traffic on Potton Road over a number of years. Since the early 1980's the number of vehicles passing through has escalated quite dramatically. Additionally, the number and size of heavy lorries has grown enormously.

The Village has made several attempts with very limited success to persuade the Authorities to control speed and to exclude lorries.

The present situation is that the village is divided by B1040 into two halves, that to the west of B1040 and the other much more tranquil to the east. Crossing from one part to the other is hazardous. For some people who live alongside the Potton Road, quality of life has been degraded - it is as if they are living on a major 'A' class highway, rather than what is in fact a rural 'B' road.

Rat running especially during rush hours has now spread to previously quiet roads such as Graveley Way and Fenstanton Road across The Green.

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