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Miss Cara Cosson
Business Manager & A14 Project Support
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12th February 2007

Dear Miss Cosson

Re: A14 Ellington to Fen Ditton Further Public Consultation

Hilton Parish Council welcomes the opportunity to comment on three different options for the route of the upgraded A14 between Ellington and Fen Drayton provided by the further consultation.  The Council wishes to make the following comments.

  • All of the proposed routes would have a detrimental impact on the village of Hilton.

  • We strongly oppose the Orange Route.  We believe this would have a very adverse effect on Hilton, especially in terms of noise pollution and visual intrusion.  This route has the greatest impact on the currently tranquil countryside south of the existing A14.  Whatever route is chosen it should pass north of the Wood Green Animal Shelter to protect existing tranquil and attractive countryside which is a resource for current and future generations throughout the area.

  • Of the two remaining routes our preference would be for the Brown Route which, according to your own assessment information of all the route options, would result in the least number of properties affected by increased noise.  It is clear that noise is one of the most disrupting effects of the current A14. It affects a broad swathe of countryside on either side of the road and significantly reduces the quality of life of residents. In a recent meeting with other communities that lie close to the A14 Noise emerged as perhaps the single most concerning issue. It is certainly one of the most important concerns for the residents of Hilton.

  • The Brown route crosses the Buckden landfill site and this will raise engineering challenges and the need to manage environmental risks.  However, we understand from the assessment information and talking to the specialists at the consultation exhibitions that this is technically feasible.  We believe that a road is a very appropriate long-term use of such land, much more appropriate than house building, for instance.  It also gives scope for screening of the road from nearby communities and ensures that the risks associated with the site will be managed long term by a responsible public body. 

  • The Blue Route Option 2 would create a major junction at Galley Hill.  This would be the major junction between the A1 and Cambridge.  We believe this would inevitably result in much increased traffic cutting through the centre of Hilton on the B1040 and are consequently opposed to this option.

  • We are very concerned that  the current proposals for all routes indicate that the carriageway will be raised by two metres or more above ground level from Fen Drayton north most of the way to the Wood Green animal shelter.  This will greatly increase the visual intrusion on the landscape, as well as increasing noise pollution and will be much harder to screen.  It also raises concerns about the impact on flood risk in local villages both in terms of road run off and in terms of impeding natural water flow north east across the flood plain.  We believe that this must be critically re-examined to determine whether the road needs to be raised - as far as we know the current A14 has never flooded.

  • Which ever route is chosen, effective mitigation to reduce the visual and noise impact on local communities is essential.  We ask you to work with us to identify adequate mitigation measures such as extensive tree planting in wide bands, off site planting, earth banking and acoustic fencing, and to ensure that the budget for this is ring fenced. Tree planting should be undertaken as early as possible during construction, or before it, to allow trees to establish and screening to be effective as soon as possible.

  • We request that it is a condition of the contractual arrangements covering construction that construction traffic is not permitted to use the B1040. 

  • In view of the impact of the new road we will be pressing for a full Public Enquiry to ensure all these issues can be fully examined in a public forum.

We would conclude by noting that, in terms of costs, your own economic analysis over the life of the road (60 years) shows that there is very little difference between the routes.  It states in relation to costs ‘Given the similarity of route options, it is likely that choice of route option would be determined by other factors, such as environmental impact or proximity of the route to potential objectors.'  Given this, we believe that it is important that significant weighting should be given to the impact of the road on currently tranquil areas and on the landscape.

Yours sincerely,


F. J. Wright
Chairman, Hilton Parish Council

Copies to:

Mr J Djanogly MP
Chief Executive to Cambridgeshire County Council
Chief Executive to Huntingdonshire County Council
County Councilor J Reynolds
County Councilor Bob Tuckwell
DC Bates Leader of Huntingdon District Council
DC Stevens
Hilton Parish Councilors

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